Smartphone Camera Calculator

(default values are for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra main W sensor/lens)

Camera Name
  Sensor Size (") 1/     f/    feq35 (mm):     W/H:   
 DxWxH(mm):   Lens Diam(mm):   flens(mm):   Crop Factor:
  FOV_D °   FOV_W °   FOV_H °  
This calculator is for smartphone cameras which usually specify the optical sensor using the inch " type (aka Optical Format). For example, the default value for the Samsung S23 Ultra phone specifies the diagonal dimension of the sensor as a 1/1.3" type. Based on historical video-camera standards, this translates to a smaller (~ 63%) actual diagonal dimension of the sensor in mm as 16x(1/1.3) or 12.3 mm.

Usage: Enter the 4 camera parameters in the top row and click Compute, or click a preset button in bottom row.
    Sensor Size (e.g. 1/1.3)  
    f/ value (e.g. 1.7 for f/1.7)
    Equivalent focal length of full frame 35mm camera (e.g. 24mm)
    W/H ratio of sensor (e.g. 4/3=1.333)

The 7 lower output value calculations are:
- actual sensor diagonal dimension D = (Sensor Size)*16 mm
- Crop Factor = 43.2/D where 43.2mm is the diagonal dimension of 35 mm full frame
- sensor width W = D*Cos(atan(H/W))  mm
- sensor height H = D*Sin(atan(H/W))  mm
- lens actual focal length flens = feq35/CropFactor  mm
- Lens Diam = flens/(f/)  mm;
- FOV_D = 180/π*2.0*atan(D/2/flens)  °
- FOV_W = 180/π*2.0*atan(W/2/flens)  °
- FOV_H = 180/π*2.0*atan(H/2/flens)  °

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