All You Need Is Love [The Beatles 1967]

  Birthday [The Beatles 1968] (Doug Corneil: Drums)

  Boys [The Beatles 1963]

  Close To You [The Carpenters 1970]

  Color My World [Chicago 1970] (Flute: Shari Tallon)

  Hanky Panky [Tommy James/Shondells 1966]

  I'm So Lonesome [B. J. Thomas 1966]

  Landslide [Fleetwood Mac 1975]

  Love Will Keep Us Alive [The Eagles 1994]

  Lovely Rita [The Beatles 1967]

  Rescue Me [Fontella Bass 1965]

  Revolution [The Beatles 1968] (Doug Corneil: Drums)

  Roll Over Beethoven [Chuck Berry 1956 The Beatles 1968]

  Yesterday [The Beatles 1965]

  You Can't Do That [The Beatles 1964]

Song attributions are not necessarily original composer/artist.
Instruments and recordings by Michel Gallant except where noted.
These backtracks copyright Michel Gallant and are not for public use.