cryptoAPI Key-Container Tool

M. Gallant 10/22/2002

This utility lists all certificate stores for the Current_User (CU) or Local_Machine (LM). For certificates with private keys (and therefore key containers), some certificate/key details are listed. The CN (Common Name) part of the SubjectName is displayed as a link to the detailed certificate cryptoAPI display panel. Selecting "AllCerts" lists all certificates for all stores (otherwise, only certs. with private keys are listed). "Verbose" displays more information about the certificates. All key containers that are NOT associated with certificates in any certificate store (CU case only) are listed at the end. "Delete Key Container" attempts to delete the key container specified in the text-field (only implemented for CU location). Changing any checkbox automatically updates the display. "Refresh" reloads the certificate store-names lists and the key-container lists.
[Note: Use extra caution when deleting key containers. Key containers listed as associated with certificates should not be deleted unless you fully understand the consequences.] Details

AllCerts Verbose

Michel I. Gallant