Samsung Galaxy S9 Media Connections

Apr 18, 2022

Connecting an external USB flash drive/disc drive to an Android smartphone:
Use a USB A/USB C adapter cable if required. Depending on the size of the connected disc drive, it may take a minute for your smartphone to index your connected drive and make the content available. The example below is for a 5 TB Seagate "One Touch" drive. USB flash drives should index very quickly (a few secs). Hard drives will require longer and draw power from your smartphone. Make sure your smartphone is well charged. The external drive will appear in "My Files" as an external storage device (similar to how drives connected to any computer appear). In the notifications display on your smartphone, there will be a selection to "unmount" the connected drive safely.

Connecting an Hitachi LG GP96Y CD/DVD drive to an Android smartphone:
This compact CD/DVD drive was designed to allow direct connection to Android smartphones as well as Windows and Mac computers. With CD/DVD drives being less common with the low cost of USB drives, compact external CD/DVD drives are a convenient extension if you have a large collection of audio, DVD-video or data storage CD/DVDs. Particularly handy is the ability to directly connect a CD/DVD drive to a smartphone. Most compact external drives don't have this capability which makes the Hitachi LG GP96Y interesting. It requires 2 small (free) apps (from Andrioid Google Play Store) to run properly: DISC LINK Platinum and TrueDVD+

Hitachi LG GP96