Dell Studio 1558 Laptop Repair & Disassembly

May 12 2022

Images below show system board parts during disassembly of a Dell Studio 1558 laptop computer. The computer was purchased in 2010 with Win 7 OS. It was upgraded to Win10. After 12 years, video instability problems appeared with screen blackouts and the fan running excessively etc. Additionally, System Updates could not be performed (a common problem reported by many users). The system was thoroughly checked with antivirus software and various system repair tools were run with no success. Reinstalling video drivers didn't resolve the problem. The basic operation of the LCD screen was verified using the Dell BIST Test. Upgrading to the most recent Windows 10 21H2 OS version using the Microsoft Windows Update Assistant resolved the problem with Windows Update not functioning but the video issues persisted. Therefore a clean reinstall of the Windows 10 21H2 OS from an USB image drive created with Media Creation Tool was performed which fixed the video instability problem. Additionally, the computer was disassembled carefully following the Dell studio 1558 service manual to check the condition of the CPU and video chip heat-sink fan and to reseat all the system board connectors. There was considerable dust buildup at the fan as shown below.