Thawte Code-signing Demo For JavaPlugin, Authenticode and Netscape

The following 3 signed Java applet examples use the *same* commercial Class 3 developer code-signing certificate from Thawte, as described briefly in the process description and more fully at the Thawte site documentation.

All three versions are signed and request full privileges of the user, but in three different ways depending on the target browser. Click each icon below to launch the corresponding signed-applet example in a separate window. Each window has a link showing the command-lines used to compile, archive and sign the code as well as a link to the source code. Since the certificate used is issued by a commercial CA, no extra installation steps are required to run these applets

Enumerate Java System Properties

JavaPlugin 1.3.1+

Authenticode IE5+ or Netscape 4.6+

Michel I. Gallant