Nero 7: Create a DVD-Video music disc from multiple audio CDs

Nero 7: Create a DVD-Video music disc from multiple audio CDs

May 11, 2007

[Note: Some features may require Nero Vision and Nero ShowTime]
This note describes how to combine several audio CDs to create a DVD-Video slide show preserving the original CD-DA (16 bit/44.1 kHz) audio quality using Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced software. Since a CD-R disc holds 700 Mb while a DVD+_R disc holds 4.7 Gb, it is possible to merge 6 or 7 audio CDs into a DVD depending on the number and size of tracks on the audio CDs and the size of graphics used for the DVD-Video. The DVD-Video will be playable on any standard DVD player as well as on any DVD-rom computer drive. While it is easy to create CD and DVD MP3 "music" data discs which can respectively hold roughly 200 and 1300 standard (128 kbps) encoded MP3 audio tracks, and which are also playable in recent DVD players, the emphasis here is in preserving the quality of the original uncompressed compact disc digital audio music.

Example of 5 audio CD compilation to DVD-Video

DVD-Video discs created this way with multiple slide shows as separate CD albums can be directly played on most standard DVD players. The audio line-out connections of the DVD player should be connected to a high-quality sound system to realize the quality of the uncompressed audio tracks. Navigation through the albums (titles) and tracks (chapters) uses standard Menu, Display, arrow and number keys on the DVD player remote control.

The DVD-Video music disc can also be played on any DVD computer rom drive with associated video software. The example below shows screenshots of displays using Nero 7 ShowTime 3 with an older DVD rom drive on a Dell laptop computer. This example was compiled with 5 titles, from 5 CDs, one title for each music CD and each title (album) containing 27 tracks (chapters)

Nero ShowTime 3 video window showing first page of Title Menu

Nero ShowTime 3 control panel with video window during playback of Title 1 Chapter (track) 12. Note the DVD-Video status and PCM indicator.

Nero ShowTime Title browser showing Titles (albums) and Chapters (tracks). Windows Media Player 11 shows similar information during playback of this type of DVD-Video compilation.