JaCrypt: Envelop/Denvelop Tool

Michel Gallant 01/22/2003

JaCrypt is a powerful cryptographic utility, built on CAPICOM 2 and cryptAPI, for enveloping (CMS/pkcs#7) and denveloping any file for the win32 OS (Win95 - WinXP). Any file can be enveloped to any recipient for which the public key/certificate is available.
The public key can be selected from:
The level of encryption can be easily viewed and controlled with a drop-down list (default is fixed at RC2 128 bit). This is important since the "default" encryption algorithm/key-length depends on various factors that may not be obvious to the user.

Denveloping (decryption) depends on having the private key of a recipient specified within the enveloped data file. The decryption private key can be selected from:

The ability to easily select a password protected pfx file to decrypt an enveloped file provides convenient portablility (on floppy, CD-ROM or other removable media) of decryption credentials for security applications that require portability, but for which smart-card capability is inconvenient or not available. The TextArea displays full enveloping and denveloping status information.

Download JaCrypt.exe

[Note: JaCrypt requires installation of CAPICOM and IE 5.01. Also, decryption of enveloped files requires at least the level of encryption support (specified by CSP) used for enveloping.]

Michel I. Gallant