DecodeStoreKey: X.509 Store Certificate to Public Key Decoder

DecodeStoreKey.exe is a .NET assembly CryptoAPI console utility which:

DecodeStoreKey.exe accepts either one argument (search string) or two arguments (search string and a certificate store name). If only the search string is specified, a fixed list of certificate stores "CAPIStores" is searched sequentially for a match.

   DecodeStoreKey  mySearchString  ADDRESSBOOK   (searches only ADDRESSBOOK system store)
   DecodeStoreKey  mySearchString                (searches MY, ADDRESSBOOK and ROOT system stores, in order)
Only the first certificate matching the search string is returned. The utility decodes the public key parameters and extracts and displays the public key exponent and modulus in BIG-endian byte array form, suitable for setting the .NET properties RSAParameters.Exponent and RSAParameters.Modulus which require BIG-endian byte ordered arrays.

If the user chooses to save the public key data to files, the files are named, for search substring "substring":
      "encodedpubkey_substring"    and    "publickeyblob_substring" If the files already exist, no files are saved.

Download DecodeStoreKey.exe v1.0.0.0 (25,144 bytes) (.NET Framework 1.1, Digitally Signed)

C# Source

Michel I. Gallant