SimCrypt.NET: AES 256 bit Encryption Tool

SimCrypt.NET is a .NET Framework 1.1 Windows Form application which provides an easy to use interface for strong portable AES encryption/decryption of any local file, and automatic download and decryption of URL-based encrypted files. Also supports decryption of CMS/PKCS #7 EnvelopedData messages.

To Encrypt A Local File:

To Decrypt An Encrypted Local File or URL:
To decrypt CMS/PKCS#7 messages, you must be a "recipient" specified in the EnvelopedData, and your private RSA key must be available via the current user MY (Personal) certificate store.

[Note: If a valid and accessible url is entered, SimCrypt.NET will automatically download the specified file, save it to the Desktop location with the same URL filename, and attempt to decrypt. If the url is a path name without an explicit filename appended, such as, the local saved file is named "_simcrypturl". A WebRequest.Timeout value of 7 seconds is used.

(1) For decryption, if you wish to have the decrypted file open automatically, check the "AutoStart" checkbox.
(2) Select B64 checkbox if you want to base64 encode the encrypted file.

Download SimCryptNET.exe v1.1.0.0 (33,944 bytes) (Signed and timestamped)

SimCryptNet.cs Source Code

About SimCrypt.NET

Michel I. Gallant