JAuth/Authnet: Authenticode Signature Verification Utilities

[Note: Both utilities require CAPICOM ]

Jauth.exe and Authnet.exe are win32 executable utilities which verify an Authenticode signature on any file supporting such signatures (.exe, .dll, .cab, .ocx, .cat, .ctl, .vbs etc..) The utilities take a file path argument (or a drag/drop file onto the application icon). If the Authenticode signature is verified, the user is presented with the option to examine all certificates embedded in the Authenticode signature:

If the file is NOT signed with an Authenticode signature, or if the signature is not valid, the status is displayed in a message box:

Download Jauth.exe  (Java source)
Download Authnet.exe (Note: Right-click to download assembly) (C# source)

Michel I. Gallant