Multichannel WAV Recording/Mixing with X-Fi Elite Pro

This note describes how to use the software included with Creative X-Fi Elite Pro to create mixed multi-channel surround sound wav files. Wav files containing multiple audio channels contain header information which describes the sampling frequency, bit resolution, number of channels and the speaker routing configuration of the different channels in a standard ordering scheme. The X-Fi Elite Pro includes the Creative Audio Creation Mode (ACM) console and also the Cubase LE sequencer software. Cubase LE provides good capability for multi-track recording, overdubbing and mixing with most of the more useful virtual "VST" effects included as either "Insert Effects" or "Send/Receive" effects. After recording several tracks of audio via several channels, one can achieve a mono-or stereo mixdown via File \ Export \ Audio Mixdown .. which includes all effects. It is also possible to create a new separate mixdown track specifying the ASIO inputs 1 and 2 (Windows Record L/R) as the input for recording, but in this case effects are not mixed in. Cubase LE does not directly enable mixdown to an output multi-channel WAV file, but Cubase LE can be used, in combination with the ACM console to achieve this.

The procedure is demonstrated in a simple example below where a 5.1 stereo wav file is created with two different tracks being sent separately to FL, FR and RL, RR channels:

The simple mixed 5.1 multi-channel PCM (uncompressed) wav file is recorded, with all effects, and saved to the default folder:
My Documents \ My Music \ My Recordings
At 48 kHz sampling rate and with 24 bit sample size, a 5.1 multi-channel PCM wav file containing 6 channels takes about 48 Mbyte/min of record time. Compare this to CD-DA audio (44.1 kHz / 16 bit 2 track stereo) which takes about 10 Mbyte/min of record time. The relevant settings in the Recorder section of the Audio Creation Mode window are shown below: