Nov 11, 2014

6 Layer Reflectance Calculator: θ Variation
  n1_re     n1_im   
  n2_re     n2_im        t2  
  n3_re     n3_im        t3  
  n4_re     n4_im        t4  
  n5_re     n5_im        t5  
  n6_re     n6_im        t6  
  n7_re     n7_im        t7  
  n8_re     n8_im   
  θ (deg)        λ (μm)      θmin      θmax      points     
  Rs   rs   ts
  Rp   rp   tp

If points=1, θ value at left is used. Thicknesses of layers in μm.
λ is vacuum wavelength.
θ is real angle of incidence in semi-infinite medium n1.
n8 is final semi-infinite region.
Minimum specification is n1 and n8.
Layers with 0 thickness don't contribute to r, t.