M. Gallant 02/10/2000

[Note: Administrator privileges are required to run this applet on NT and Win2000]

The applet CustomHighApplet enables end users to customize their IE4+ HIGH security template to completely disable active-content in web pages. Microsoft Windows Foundation Classes for Java (WFC) are used to change win32 registry settings corresponding to the HIGH template values. The applet is contained in a signed cab file. The Java class is defined in a package

The following script makes use of the Microsoft SDK for Java v 4.0 tools to compile, package and sign the cabinet file

jvc /d . cabarc -p n com/nortelnetworks/is/sec/CustomHighApplet.class signcode -j javasign.dll -jp LOW -cn "Security Development" -n "Custom HIGH Applet" -t "" The following html is then used for web deployment:
<applet code="" align=right width=250 height=125> <PARAM NAME="cabbase" VALUE=""> </applet>