HtmlConverter and Java 2 SDK V 1.4.0 Beta

M. Gallant 07/11/2001

Starting with J2SE 1.3.1, the htmlconverter utility is included with the SDK. This note explains how to launch the htmlconverter for Java 2 SDK v1.4.0 Beta on the win32 platform since some of the early documentation for v1.4 converter is misleading.

The htmlconverter executable jar archive for a typical install on Win32 is located at:


Note that the htmlconverter version is NOT used in the file name (unlike earlier versions). There is also a win32 batch file, which can be used to launch the converter and which is located at:

The converter can be started in a number of ways. Note that in launching an executable jar archive, the archive file must be explicitly in the current directory (being in the classpath is not sufficient), and all user classes are contained in the specified jar archive. Note also that the default launch state (no parameters/options specified) is no longer to start the GUI interface.

Launching htmlconverter GUI for Java 2 SDK V1.4.0 Beta: Alternate methods

Note that the htmlconverter version number shipping with Java 2 SDK V1.4.0 Beta is version 1.3.1:

however, the default converter options correctly specify version 1.4.0 of the JavaPlugin:

Note on HtmlConverter output formatting on Win32:
Currently, the HtmlConverter for Win32 modifies the html code properly, but inserts Unix style EOL (End Of Line) terminators (i.e. simple LFs instead of the expected CR/LF sequence) within the added tag structure. This does NOT cause a problem for runtime parsing, but makes reading the code difficult with notepad.exe. A simple solution is:

This procedure will replace any LF characters with CR/LF sequences. This procedure is also handy for many configuration and xml text files edited on UNIX systems but deployed to the win32 platform.