jdk1.1.5 Demo Launcher

M. Gallant 1/98

demoframe is a jdk1.1.5 standalone Java application which provides a GUI interface for launching the jdk1.1.5 appletviewer.exe application on most of the jkd1.1.5 demo examples implementing 1.1 methods. Since many versions of Navigator don't fully support Java 1.1, the appletviewer is required to run applets using 1.1 functionality. demoframe implements the ActionListener interface to provide event responses to the button-clicks. The actionPerformed method constructs the full DOS path specification corresponding to the Button name (assuming jdk1.1.5 used the default installation directory names and paths) and spawns the appletviewer application on the selected demo.

To use this Java application, download the source code demoframe.java, compile it using a Java compiler supporting Java 1.1+. Change directories to that containing demoframe.class, and run it using:

java demoframe

Select the button corresponding to the demo applet you want to view, and wait a few seconds for the appletviewer to start.
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