Applet with J/Direct Win32 API Color Dialog

M. Gallant 01/20/2000

The HelloWinColor applet on this page instantiates a Win32ColorDlg object which makes a Win32 API call to the Common Dialog ChooseColor() function of the Comdlg32.dll library. It demonstrates J/Direct implementation of structs via J/direct and callback procedure. The script used to archive and sign the code (with 3 classes in the archive) is:
  jvc.exe /x- /nomessage
  cabarc -p n *.class
  signcode -j javasign.dll -jp LOW -cn "Security Development" -n "Win32 J/Direct Color Dialog" -t ""
The applet is signed wilth full privileges to make such native calls. The button activates the Color Dialog.

Microsoft SDK for Java Version 4 tools were used to cab, sign and time-stamp the Java bytecode.