Java ClassPath Tokenizer

[Requires JavaPlugin1.2.2+; signed 01/02/2001]
M. Gallant 01/02/2001

This Java applet simply reads the browser Java environment java.class.path System property, and parses the string using the ";" token for Windows platforms. The individual classpath components are displayed separately for easy reading. Since reading the system classpath is a "privileged" operation, the applet must be digitally signed. The applet runs using the Sun JVM via JavaPlugin1.2.2 and has been tested with IE5 and Communicator 4.6.
Thanks to Roedy Green of Canadian Mind Products for originally signing the java applet with a Verisign Class 3 certificate.

[Note: The applet has been re-signed (due to original certificate expiry) with a WebConnector CA issued certificate. The root CA must be imported into Microsoft cryptoAPI database for the applet signature to be properly authenticated.]

Applet Source Code      Detailed Procedure (information refers to original signing details)