Keystore, Policy and Security File Reader

M. Gallant 5/12/2002

This JavaPlugin 1.3+ applet at initialization detects if the default keystore file, policy file and system security directory exist on the current machine,and displays the status. For the PKCS12 storetype to be supported, installed JSSE support or equivalent is required. JavaPlugin1.4 (j2se v1.4+) includes JSSE support for the PKCS12 keystore file type. The applet tries to load the keystore of either type JKS or PKCS12. Support for PKCS12 keystores is limited in JSSE and j2se v1.4 implementations, (however, see note below).

[PKCS12 keystore files exported from IE report a problem in the Plugin Java console such as unknown attr1. which is a Microsoft specific PKCS#12 OID "szOID_LOCAL_MACHINE_KEYSET" not properly parsed by JavaPlugin 1.3. However, JavaPlugin 1.4 will successfully parse the pkcs#12 keystore.]

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Default Keystore Location
Default Policy File Location
JCA and Keystore Management
JSSE Reference (and pkcs12 keystore support)