MessageDigest Applet (J2SE 5.0 Timestamped)

[Requires J2SE 5+; signed 03/19/2005]
M. Gallant 03/19/2005

This MessageDigest applet displays the computed SHA1 or MD5 digest of either a text string, or any file, as both hex-encoded and base-64 encoded results.

The signed Java applet embedded in this web page was timestamped using JDK 5.0 jarsigner tool. (JAR contents)
The Certum Time-Stamping Authority was used.
The TSA certificate for this timestamp service is available here.
The security dialog, for JavaPlugin J2SE 5 only, now shows the timestamp status information.
Jarsigner verification indicates that a verifiable signature is included in the signature.
Typical signing/timestamp command:
jarsigner -storetype pkcs12 -keystore mystore.pfx -tsa "" messagedigest.jar mykeyalias

Requires Java enabled in the browser.

Based on : Core Java, C. Horstmann & G. Cornell, Volume II, 3rd Edn. 1998 p. 454

Source code
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