M. Gallant 09/2001

Pagelet is a standalone Java 1.1 GUI application for Win95/NT/2000 that implements a simple URL slide show by controlling the default web-browser (associated with the htm or html file extension). Your platform must contain a JVM (either JDK 1.1+ or the Microsoft runtime jview.exe (part of the IE4+ installation)). The application is started using (for the JDK 1.1 version):
java pagelet

The list of URLs to show is loaded from a simple text file with the name urlist.txt which must be present in the same directory as the runtime class file pagelet.class. The URL list should be of the format "http:// .." or "C:/....". Any other file types have their associated application launched. Clicking on the header-text cycles through basic information.

Java source code

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