M. Gallant 1/97

This little utility allows the user to drag the smaller image overlay around the larger background image. The overlay image position (i.e. its upper left corner) with respect to the background image is updated in the text-field below. The mouse pointer position is also updated.

This utility can be quite useful for quick determination of proper sub-image placement in animation design or Java image compositing. To use your own images, rename them to: back.gif for the background image and overlay.gif for your foreground image. Put them both in the directory that contains this html and the placeit.class file. You may need to change the applet size by changing the width and height parameters in the applet tag in the html file (default Applet size is 300X265 pixels). (Tip: To determine how much space you need, use the mouse position as a guide.) Note that the overlay image can be dragged beyond the background image borders. If you "loose" the overlay, it can be reset to the center with the i (for initialize) key. For convenient access, run this utility via the JDK appletviewer.

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