Display X509 Certificate Details

[Requires JavaPlugin1.2.2+; signed 03/16/2005]
M. Gallant 03/16/2005

This Java applet displays the details of a X509 certificate (v1,v2,v3). A certificate file can be selected either from a local file dialog, or from a URL to a certificate deployed from a web server, and the applet displays the certificate details in the plugin Java console and the applet textarea using the X509Certificate.toString() method. A very simple application provides the same information from the command line. Note that similar certificate information is available from the Java2 tool command keytool -printcert -file filecertname. Since this RSA-signed applet requires you to have the MS cryptoAPI CA database, you can also view any valid X509 certificate details directly with the cryptoAPI simply by double clicking a .cer file type.
Code-signing certificate is VeriSign Class 3 code-signing. JAR file created using jar.exe and jarsigner.exe.


---- Note on importing certificates into Netscape Communicator and IE browsers -----------------------------
To make a certificate (root or otherwise) available for easy importing into Communicator from a web server, set up the mime-type mapping on the server (as suggested by Netscape with regard to distribution of self-signed certificates ) to associate a certificate file type (say .cer) with the mime-type application/x-x509-ca-cert which Communicator will recognize as an "import certificate" directive. The .cer file extension is also recognized by IE as a command to run a MS cryptoAPI command (specifically rundll32.exe cryptext.dll,CryptExtOpenCER) which displays a dialogue for importing and/or viewing certificate contents.