CAPICOM, Windows Script & HTA Samples

M. Gallant October 4, 2002

Crypto Scripts and related
Install CAPICOM 2
07/23/2002VBSCAPICOM drag/drop binary-to-base64 file encoder
07/23/2002VBSCAPICOM drag/drop base64-to-binary file decoder
07/18/2002VBSCAPICOM and web certificates
09/13/2002exe/JavaCAPICOM from Java
09/11/2002exe/JavaDelete system certificate store tool
09/20/2002VBS/Java/htmlKey-Container & Cert-Store Tool
07/06/2002VBS/ASPUsing CAPICOM with ASP/IIS
07/04/2002HTAList Authenticode signatures & Create PKCS#7 signatures
10/01/2002VBS/Java/htmlCAPICOM/Java sign/envelope a document via web-page
07/06/2002VBSCAPICOM sign a web page
09/30/2002VBSCAPICOM decrypt any pkcs7 enveloped message
07/08/2002VBSCAPICOM verify any pkcs7 signature (UNICODE, ASCII, binary detached/included)
07/09/2002VBSCAPICOM pkcs7-sign any file (BINARY, ASCII, detached/included)
07/08/2002VBS/WMICAPICOM certificate store & key container enumeration
05/07/2002VBSCAPICOM change certificate friendly name
07/05/2002VBSCAPICOM display specified certificate
04/03/2002VBSCAPICOM certificate store lister
06/17/2002VBS Signature verification scripting     shortcut menu registry config tool
04/30/2002VBS Signcode.exe wizard scripting     shortcut menu registry config tool
11/28/2001VBS Scripting MS signcode.exe    Scripting MS signcode.exe (WSH 5.6)
06/10/2002HTAWSH 5.6 script-signing.
05/02/2002VBS,html IEEnumerate CSP Key Containers
10/08/2000VBSMD5/SHA-1 Cryptographic Hash Calculator script (Java Moniker)
06/15/2002Signcode.exe versions

Other Scripts
08/11/2002VBS/exeVBScript execution utility
10/03/2002VBSVBScript self-deletion
07/31/2002htaIE JVM Selector Utility (toggle JavaPlugin<-->MS JVM)
07/12/2002VBSBinary files with vbs (Java Moniker)
06/20/2002VBSTiming for vbs without midnight rollover
06/14/2002VBSDrag & drop interface to Win2000 runas.exe
06/10/2002VBSList filtered views of cab file using extract.exe
06/01/2002VBS/ADSIList USERS and USER GROUPS on local machine
12/08/2001HTAAn imager utility with hex-dumper & pixel-grab
12/07/2001HTAAn imager hta display utility
12/06/2001HTAA script-lister hta display utility
11/26/2001HTA, VBSWin2000 ResKit IE6 Doc Patch and ResKit Doc-launcher utility
11/19/2001HTA, VBSWMI Properties Enumeration Scripts
11/19/2001VBSEnumerate Windows and ProcessIDs (Java Moniker)
11/15/2000VBSDisplays Win32 RAM usage and availability (Java Moniker)
11/10/2000VBSDrag & Drop file hex-dumper (Java Moniker)
11/11/2000VBSDownload and InspectURL including http headers (Java Moniker)
11/07/2000VBSDownload and InspectURL (Java Moniker)
09/30/2001VBSGet local machine IP address and resolve FDQN.
10/31/2000VBSGet IP address from hostname (Java moniker).
10/09/2000VBSFactor arbitrarily large numbers (Java Moniker)
10/04/2000WSFJava Monikers and WSH ( WSF File)
02/02/2001VBSRemote win32 network share scanner (WSH2, Win2000 or NT4)
09/20/2000VBSFile Share and Machine Properties Lister (WSH2 & ADSI)
09/12/2000JSScript Host and Script Engine Version Information
09/12/2000JSMicrosoft Photo Editor Paste Bitmap Demo
06/02/2000JSAre you Protected from "Kakworm" and "BubbleBoy" Vulnerabilities?